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European Research Council Scholarship

European Research Council Scholarship

After a long time a great opportunity for Research Associates.
Find Unlimited Funded PhD , Post-doctoral and Research Masters positions yourself.


All over Europe the Scholarships are available including Australia.


In almost every field Scholarships are Available.

In Europe, you can go for PhD or Post- Doctorate only
In Australia, you can go for Research Masters/MPhil, PhD and Postdoctoral.

How to Apply:

Each year, Australian Research Council (ARC) & European Research Council (ERC) give huge project grants to its universities professors. Now, as the professors get funding, they use that money to hire PhD, Post Doc., and research Masters/MPhil students to do useful work on those funded projects

Now, if you are active enough and find those grant lists and contact those professors in an active and smart intelligent way, then professors can hire you as research masters, PhD , Post Doc., funded from those projects. So now how to find the grants and required professor in your specific fields.

1) Find the professors from ARC & ERC lists relevant to yours major, skills, work
2) Contact them after reading their profile (research papers) for at least two weeks and understanding their relevant to you papers completely and understanding the ERC or ARC project that they have won.
3) Make an email, show the relevance of your previous work, degree, skills with professor’s work(research work) and give some of yours rough idea about the ERC / ARC project that how you wanna work on it and skills and tools that you have acquired. Also Attach research CV with email.
4) Now, wait for professor reply. As professor replies in a positive way. Things will start rolling and you will get the position for sure.
5) If professor doesn’t reply to you in a positive way, then do these two things, send him email without CV attachment if in case professor’s email is making your CV as spam. After that still if professor does not reply. Then leave him free. Do not tease him.
6) One thing, you must do IELTS or TOEFL as for Europe and Australia, it is compulsory. Even, if some university allows you without IELTS or TOEFL, then embassy of that country can stop you of not having IELTS or TOEFL score.

How to find the List:

Use ARC list for Research masters, PhD and Post Doc. USE ERC list only for PhD and Post Doc. Do not USE ERC list for Masters/MPhil finding please

a) Here are the ARC (Australian Research Council ) List
(Download the excel file under New and ongoing projects named as Part 1: Projects and Fellowships and find professors of 2018, 2019, 2020 onwards in excel sheet. Use both tabs in excel sheet. One is fellowship and one is projects.)
Open Link

Also do use this search tool as well
Open link
See this video as well for ARC info
Open link

ERC List:

b) Here is the ERC (European Research Council) List
Open link

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