Study Himalaya is officially launched now!!!

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It is officially announced that Study Himalaya is launched now. Study Himalaya is a website developed for students to assist them in learning. It will be one of the most unique website in its approach. We want to make it a storehouse of knowledge where students can find everything at one place instead of visiting many websites to find learning resources. We are happy to develop this website for students.

What are the resources we will share for students and other people?

Now as far as the scope of Study Himalaya is concerned we will do our best to share the things that can give benefit to students someway. We will share study content and learning resources for students. This will also help students in achieving remarkable success in different competitive exams like CSS, PMS, NTS, FPSC, PPSC and others etc. We will share hundreds of important multiple choice questions(mcqs) of popular subjects. Moreover we will also cover critical topics of various subjects so that the students can get a good level of understanding of key topics.  Apart from the study content we will also notify students about jobs, internships and scholarships by posting related content. This will also help students in building their successful career. You can go through our missions and visions in detail by visiting our About Us page. We also recommend you to go through our Privacy Policy and Contact Us pages.

How people can get the most out of Study Himalaya?

Students and other people can get the most out of Study Himalaya in many easy ways. First of all, we recommend our visitors to subscribe to our newsletter so that they can get the latest updates related to study content, jobs, internships and scholarships by email. The subscription form is available on very page and is placed in the sidebar. It is very easy to subscribe to our newsletter. It needs just two steps.

  • Enter your full name and email address in the fields and then click the subscribe button.
  • An email will be sent to your given email address. You need to confirm your email address by opening the email and confirming the subscription. For security reasons, you also have to fill recaptcha there.

There are also other ways to fetch info from website by visiting our menu bar at the top. You can see different categories of content. Every category in the menu bar has its subcategories or sub menus. One can easily filter and narrow down the results to get desired post. You can navigate through posts of specific category by clicking it. You can also use search bar by clicking the search icon to search a specific post. Till now we have limited content as it is relatively a new website but hopefully in the future we will be adding lot of content here.

How you an contribute to Study Himalaya?

Nothing in the world can be achieved without contribution whether there is a single person behind it or a group of persons. A famous activist Tarana Burke once said,

Everybody has a lane. Everybody has something that they can contribute.

So I encourage students and visitors to contribute to us. You can contribute us by becoming the author at Study Himalaya. You can help us spreading knowledge. You can write posts on various topics you like. There will not be any time compulsion for you. You can write a post on any topic in your free time. To become the author of this website, you can contact us by visiting our Contact Us page. You can either contact us by email or by submitting a form available there.

There are also other ways to contribute to us. You can contribute by giving your valuable suggestion and tips to engage our visitors. You can recommend us topics to post on. You can share useful content with us about any topic. Your efforts will be fully acknowledged. Moreover the easiest way to contribute is by visiting our website daily so we may sure that our content is useful and reaching out to you. You can engage by commenting on our posts or by sharing it. Every post has share links at the bottom. As this post also has share links at the bottom. We strongly recommend to share our posts on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc so that other people can get benefit from it. Besides this, you can also recommend this website to your friends and family members as well. We are thankful to your services to spread knowledge.

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